How I Came To Be

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. From being a youngster using finger-paints, to today, creating digital art, oil and acrylic painting, and crafting jewelry. I love finding my creative flow.

In addition to art, I LOVE being a problem solver. In fact, I am like a dog-with-a-bone when it comes to finding solutions. A few years ago, our garbage disposal broke. We had our handyman Uncle look at it; he deemed it useless. I second-guessed his judgement and went straight to YouTube. After watching some tutorials, quick trip to Lowe’s, and some physical labor – voilà, good as new!

At the age of 13, I created my first business. I began by walking dogs and babysitting for local families. With some elbow grease, marketing, and basic entrepreneurial skills, I found my first niche. My business clientele and demand grew to summer nanny jobs and over-night dog-sitting gigs. This kick-started my entrepreneurial drive.

Now, I am developing my entrepreneurial skills with my side-hustle art business. When looking at my art, people would often say, “I can’t believe you made that!” or ask “why don’t you sell these?” This sparked an idea! I decided to turn my passion for art into a business. Currently, I have a shop on Etsy and I am working hard to expand my skills and business.

What really sets me apart is my individualism. As much as people tell me that they LOVE my artwork, I sometimes get negative feedback about “being a starving artist”. I shrug off the comments because I think differently. I am not okay with being content. I only feel fulfilled if I am moving forward. Between Praxis, my art business, current job, and other part-time/side-hustles, I am making my dream a reality with dedication and hard work.

For a synopsis, I am an artist with an entrepreneurial mindset. I am passionate about improvement and solving problems. Between my art business JewelsFromMars and Praxis, I am hitting the ground running. I am ecstatic to be on this course and I cannot wait to see how it evolves!



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