My Top Three Skills


For me, flexibility is about taking on new challenges, stretching my capabilities, and doing things outside of my comfort zone. It is a way to expand how I create value for projects and organizations.

Flexibility is both a mindset and skill-set. I have a mindset to be courageous, try new things, and not just accept the status quo. I combine that with the drive and follow-through to acquire new skills and constantly adapt to enabling me to do different things. I’m always willing to step outside of the box and learn new soft and hard skills and apply them when new projects and challenges present themselves.

My open-mindedness is shown through my work experience at the Suboxone clinic where I had to learn administrative skills, time management, teamwork, and effective communication with coworkers, doctors, and patients. While I may have been the youngest person working in the office, I didn’t let that intimidate me, rather I saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate that I was a productive worker with a knack for getting things done. In fact, I streamlined the clinics by creating a plan to expedite the scheduling process. The clinics became more efficient, allowing the doctors to see more patients. In essence, this allowed the business to grow.

In addition to the clinic, I have experience working at a grocery store and restaurant, and doing child care and dog sitting. I am also now beginning an artistry business; I sell my fine art and jewelry on Etsy as well as commissioned pieces. Thus, gaining exposure to a variety of businesses and career types.

Art started as a passion, now I am turning it into a business; compelling me to learn multiple, practical business-skills like social media marketing, customer service, customer retention, selling online, and much more! Starting my own business has necessitated innovative-thinking and proves my ability to be flexible.


I have been using people skills for as long as I can remember. From selling cookies as a Daisy in Girl Scouts, to today, expanding my business network and customer-base, as a server-extraordinaire at Breakneck Tavern. I love talking and networking, especially with a purpose.

In my opinion, listening is just as important as talking. I use active listening in the work place and my personal life. It avoids miscommunications, thus boosting productivity.  In addition, I also aim to gain at least one thing out of a conversation- a new connection, an idea, customers, etc. I am looking forward to growing my talking and listening skills, as both are pertinent in establishing positive connections.

Serving in fine dining has taught me a whole new level of professionalism, especially in high stress situations. During the dinner-rush, you have to always remain poised and friendly.  Living off of tips and creating my own businesses taught me that you must be personable to find success – you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!

What sets apart my skills is simply my mindset. Positive attitude is everything. Coworkers, strangers, friends, and customers alike, all enjoy my lively and pleasant approach. In the workplace, I use it to motivate, problem solve, and develop a rapport. I just LOVE making people smile. My positive outlook paves a productive and confident course to which people are naturally drawn.

Willingness to Learn

The beauty of the human-race is the constant evolution to be better, faster, and stronger. To keep moving forward, you must accept that sometimes you will be wrong; the only thing you can do is fix it, learn from it, and move on.

One of my mottos is that you should learn at least one new thing each day; the desire to grow my knowledge and skills is what drives me to wake up and work hard every day. I am constantly reading books or researching online. The internet has so much to offer – millions of articles, books, videos, tutorials, podcasts, and chat forums.

The majority of my art skills are self-taught from the world-wide-web. Check out and follow my Pinterest boards for thousands of art and jewelry ideas. I am also a self-taught hula-hooper (follow my Instagram to see me in action), learned the beginnings of yoga from this website, taught myself how to play the kalimba on YouTube, learned the design application Procreate from YouTube, and many other things.

In my opinion, being rich in knowledge and experiences outweighs monetary wealth. You can lose your physical possessions but you can never lose your knowledge. That is the biggest reason why I am an advocate of learning.


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