Small Changes, Big Impact: 7 Simple Lifestyle Changes You can Make for the Enviornment

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
― Confucius
Small changes are easy to make and can pile up quickly, resulting in a major difference over time. When it comes to saving our planet, we should shift some of our focus to our personal habits. Here are 7 simple changes you can make today to help the environment:


  1. Skip the Plastic Packaging. Buy a reusable, glass sandwich container and ditch the baggies. Also, purchasing a reusable water bottle saves you so much money over time (did you know it takes a gallon of water to create the plastic for the water bottle, and that doesn’t include the water in the bottle!)
  2. Turn off the TV when you’re not watching it. Many people are in the habit of falling asleep with the tv on. It is bad for the environment over time and it prevents you from getting a good nights sleep,  Turn off that TV before bed and pick up a book instead.
  3. Stop buying plastic wrap! There are alternatives to plastic wrap.
  4. Eat Less Meat. Woah, I said one of the unspoken topics (religion, sex, politics, and veganism of course). Personally, I am a flexitarian, so I’m not saying to give it up completely. Consider “Meatless Monday” or swapping out a few meals a week for plant-based alternatives. There are so many yummy recipes on Pinterest.
  5. BYOB, bring your own bag! Plastic bags have three times the greenhouse gas impact of reusable bags. Throw a few into your trunk, backpack or purse. Also, while you’re at the grocery store, stop using produce bags.
  6. Nix the chemical cleaners— invest in a Norwex. It is an antimicrobial, antibacterial cloth that removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces using only water—no chemicals! You can also try to make your own green, DIY cleaning products, here are some ideas. 
  7. Try buying used — with apps like Letgo and Thredup and Facebook Marketplace, it’s easier than ever to find gently used things (and way less sketchy than craigslist). By doing this, you are lengthening the lifetime of that item and reducing the need for more. I found my papasan chair, my traveling easel, and many other things online for a fraction of the price; I’ve also made cash selling things I don’t need or use anymore!

These are all easy things you can integrate into your lifestyle. I hope you take away at least one and make it a habit.


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