Hi! I am Julz. I reside in Mars, a small town north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I have always had a passion for creation, rather it be visual art, content creation, crafting solutions to problems, design, inventing ideas, and so forth. I started my own dog-sitting and childcare business at the age of 13, worked as a clinician and administrator at 16, and now, 19,  I am establishing myself as an artist. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember; for me, there is nothing quite like finding my art flow and just creating!

Currently, I’m in the Praxis Program: a 12-month pre-professional program with the method of “learning by doing”. My goals are to master sales and communication, as well as entrepreneurship.

I am getting a kick-start on these three skills by selling my artwork. I create jewelry and fine art with the intention of spreading awareness, creativity, love and peace.

Check out my etsy shop to support my artwork or contact me below. I would LOVE to create you a custom piece!

My overall aim is to be known as a enterprising individual who truly makes a difference in everything I do. I’m also an avid hula-hooper, yogi, hiker, and adventurer. When I’m not creating art, working, or writing, I am outside!

Join Me.


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