The Power of Self-Expression

Self-expression is defined as: “the expression or assertion of one’s own personality, as in conversation, behavior, poetry, or painting.”


Self-expression is a release and a form of mediation. You are uncovering your soulful power from within. It is truly a natural form of therapy.

I conducted an interview with three people for their input on the power of self-expression:

The first interviewee is a woman currently student-teaching, on her way to be a teacher. (She prefers to stay anonymous online because of her career).

What does self-expression mean to you?

L: “Self-expression is a way to show yourself and others the magic you are made of. It is also a way to release any energy you have stored – negative or positive. It’s a way to transmute negative energy into art, as well. Self-expression is about individuality as well as community…it allows us to attract the souls that resonate with our own. Through styles of food, clothing, meditation, art, traditions, language, etc., we are able to connect with the world around us. By listening to our spirit in our endeavor to self-express, we are better able to attract and manifest what we want in life.”

How do you reach the self-expression flow? Is it easy for you to find?

L: “Flow is about releasing energy. You have an idea in your mind – you go to work – you create it and it becomes reality. Or, you have emotions blocked up, perhaps are harboring something dark in your spirit…you can transmute those feelings through some sort of movement or task. Or perhaps you’re full of elation and bliss – that calls for a release of energy too! Either way, flow is therapeutic.

Turn on some tunes and move freely to the rhythm. Or find something to create with your hands. Cook, make music, do something exhilarating or exciting. But stray away from resorting to hurtful actions or painful flow (violence, harsh words) to release your negative energy. Love and art will set you free.

For me, it’s easy to find flow because I was never closed off from it. I know when it’s time to get up and dance or make something…I listen to my soul when it feels it needs to release energy. When I get an idea or when I have emotions that are trying to escape, I simply let it flow. I never fight the flow. I embrace it.”


The second interviewee is Nick. He is an aspiring neuroscientist and a classically trained musician.

What does self-expression mean to you? 

Nick: “The way I look at self-expression is putting the lock in the key … kind of like flow. No matter what it is that you are doing, you are doing it your way. To me, it is akin to being comfortable in one’s skin. It is the combination of morals, beliefs, desires, etc that most natural drive a person in the present moment.”

What is your favorite way to express yourself? 

Nick: “Anytime I sit down to jam on some instruments or playing music for others.”

How often do you need to Express yourself?

Nick: “Every single day.”


The third interviewee is Brenna, she is currently earning her masters in psychology.

What does self-expression mean to you?

Brenna: “Therapy. Self-expression is essential to mental/emotional/physical health. Taking even ten minutes out of every day to yourself is important. There are so many emotions/events that can affect your mental health in everyday life. Sometimes we don’t have anyone to talk to, sometimes we don’t know how to talk about it, sometimes we don’t want to talk about it, sometimes we aren’t even sure what/how/why we’re feeling the way we are. However, it needs to come out. With expression, we are free to feel however we want. We are able to use our entire self in every aspect to organize, understand, and let out our feelings in a constructive and beautiful way.

Self-expression is my purpose in life, my reason for living, and my motivation to share it with the world.”

How often do you need to express yourself?

Brenna: “I express every single day. Some days more than others. Like I previously stated, it is important to take even the smallest amount of time you can, to care for yourself.  Whether it be hooping, painting, yoga, or simply sitting with my plants (I might also talk to them) and drinking coffee, I need to express.

As someone with anxiety, hooping has acted as a lifeline for me on more than one occasion. It has helped me pull together everything bottled up, and channel it into something I have control over. I believe so strongly in expression, I am going to school for art therapy. I want other people to realize there is help. There is a better way.”


How do express you yourself? Do you think self-expression is necessary on a daily basis? I hope this article inspires you to let that creativity flow.




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